Triangle UAS is an NGAT Consortium Member

Triangle UAS LLC is an NGAT consortium member. NGAT (NextGen Air Transportation) is a consortium of industry, academia, and government members created to provide a research and application-oriented, technology transfer-focused organization for conducting aviation technology development, investigations, and field trials. Through sponsored research and collaborations with consortium members, the NGAT team is developing practical experience using UAS technologies for a wide range services including agriculture (imaging and aerial application), surveying, infrastructure inspection, cargo delivery, and insurance assessments. NGAT is also supporting state agencies with UAS implementation strategies, integration timelines, and navigating the regulatory and approval processes at the federal and state levels. Current consortium members represent a variety of industries that are positioning within the UAS industry including OEM airframe manufactures, engineering firms, cybersecurity specialists, legal counsels, and command-and-control technology developers.

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