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​Triangle UAS LLC

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Triangle UAS offers customized training to meet your UAS needs. Whether you are in need of initial pilot training towards an FAA certificate, advanced training in specific subject areas, or group classes for your business-- we are here to help! Contact us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.  The list below offers a look at just a few of our standard training packages.

FAA Part 107

Mission Planning/Autonomous Operations

T​he real potential of UAS technology stems from the capability to operate autonomously. Triangle UAS has experience with a variety of avionics and software solutions to ensure that you are achieveing the maximum potential from your equipment. From simple flight paths to complex mission planning our team can provide advanced training to bring the word "unmannned" back into Unmanned Aircraft Systems. 

With the implementation of new laws regarding commercial UAS use (known as "Part 107"), getting certificated to operate UAS systems for your business is a necessary step to operate within the US airspace! We are happy to provide onsite classes to make sure your personnel pass the FAA exam on the first try! With highly knowledgeable staff certified to teach everything from beginner UAS operators to ccommercial airline pilots, we can make the process of getting legal quick and painless! 2-3 days is usually reccommended depending on number of students and training schedule.  If you are already an FAA certificated pilot (in regular aircraft), our flight instruction team is able to process your IACRA and have you Part 107 legal in the same business day.

Government Agencies and Certificate of Authorization

P​ublic sector entities have the option to obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA) in lieu of completing the Part 107 program. Under a COA, an agnecy is required to develop an internal training and aircraft certififaction program. Our team of experts are able to help design and implement a training solution that not only fits this requirement, but is tailored specifically to your needs.