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​Triangle UAS LLC

Triangle UAS can add value to your real estate business by developing a variety of visual models to help market virtually any property. No project is too big or small. The portfolio below showcases just some of the services we can offer.

Orthomosiac Nadir Imagery

Nadir (pronounced "nay-dear") imagery refers to photos taken from a straight down perspective. It is a great way to provide an aerial overview of large properties. It allows viewers to get a grasp of the layout of a property.  Images are geospatially enabled allowing measurements to be taken instantly on screen. Advanced analysis can yield elevation and survey grade data to visualize terrain features and property boundaries. This type of model is also perfect for creating highly accurate property maps.


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R​eal Estate

A​erial Fly Through

Aerial fly throughs can provide a more detailed overview that focuses on the details of your property. We are able to create virtually any flight path to showcase your property for a truly versatile solution. The video can be processed into any resolution and virtually any format to fit your needs.

3​ Dimensional Modeling

3D models provide the ultimate flexibility in terms of showcasing your property. Viewers can manipulate and view your site from infinite perspectives. This technology is extremely revolutionary and Triangle UAS is excited to be able to offer this often cost prohibitive service to our clients at an extremely affordabe pricepoint.  This solution provides such versatile viewing that it can eliminate site visits, tours, and showings. Clients are able to remotely tour a property from any location and in many cases obtain much more detailed information than from an actual on site visit. Advanced options include the ability to take measurements in 3D and visualize terrain features from a first person perspective.

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