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​Triangle UAS LLC

Triangle UAS can provide specialized services to fit your mission critical needs. With a background in public safety and emergency management, our staff can engineer a solution to ensure that your operation is taking advantage of the best in UAS technology. We would be happy to setup a consultation in order to gauge your needs and develop a specific plan for your agency.

Aerial Surveillance

A​erial surveillance is no longer limited to conventional aircraft; UAS techonolgy allows for rapid and versatile deployment in scenarios previously regarded as infeasible due to costs or environment. Triangle UAS has a variety of sensor platforms at our disposal including ultra high definition color video and photography, FLIR thermal imaging, infrared imaging, and multispectral imaging.  In addition to targeted surveillance, coverage can be used to provide large scale scene or event monitoring and used to analyze threats in real time.

Public Safety

Search and Rescue

Traditional search and rescue methods are extremely time consuming and require a vast amount of resources in order to be executed effectively. We are able to significantly reduce both costs and personnel power needed in these types of operationsThe small size and versatility of our platforms allow aerial support to be implemented in almost any environment. Using FLIR sensor technology, it is even possible to locate subjects inside of buildings allowing for a focused recsue plan in the event of a structure fire or other disaster.

Disaster Response

Hi​gh definition aerial orthomosiacs and video can provide an extremely rapid and accurate overview of damage and allow emergency management resources to be concentrated on areas based on need. With adavanced 3 dimensional aerial analysis, it is even possible to gather quantitive data such as debris volume and highly accurate georeferenced aerial damage maps.  Digital surface modelling and hydrologic analysis can help predict flood behavior and assist with both proactive and reactive resolution. Periodic surveys can document the status of recovery operations and provide extremely up to date information in comparison to other techniques of benchmarking. Our disaster response capabilities are vast and this list just provides a small glimpse into the services we can offer.


With respect to smaller scale scenarios, NIMS and ICS mandates the ability to share information between emergency personnel in order to plan a coordinated response to any event. Incident command personnel have the ability to view a scene in real time and make informed decisions while avoiding the confusion that often plagues incident command staff during the initial phases of response.  Maps and aerial overviews can help plan staging areas, treatment areas, hot and warm zones, and resource tracking.  Our UAS platforms are capable of extremely rapid deployment and can be transported in most response vehicles.