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​Triangle UAS LLC

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Triangle UAS offers an extensive portolio of services to supplement your engineering projects. The list below is just a fraction of what we can offer. We would love the opportunity to provide your company with a consultation to figure out how our UAS solutions can be custom tailored to your needs. We have found that a "lunch and learn" is very effective for potential clients to get an introduction into our services. If you are already using UAS technology in your operations, we would love to show you some of our advanced solutions that can extend your existing capabilities.

Orthomosiac Nadir Imagery

Nadir (pronounced "nay-dear") imagery refers to photos taken from a straight down perspective. It is a great way to provide an aerial overview of your site.  Images are geospatially enabled allowing blueprint overlay and measurements to be taken instantly on screen. The overlay capability allows imagery to be used for as built documentation. Advanced analysis can produce digital surface models, contour shape files, vegetation vigor maps, hydrologic models, and thermal maps. Hydrologic modelling can guide the design of erosion control measures and SWPPP (Storm water pollution prevention plans).  During the the bid phase, accurate and detailed imagery can help with estimation and can reduce risk associated with outdated or incomplete information. Data can be exported in a variety of formats for analysis in Autodesk, Microstation, ArcGIS, etc.


Volumetric Analysis

F​rom stock piles to terrain features, accurate volume measurements can be obtained instantly from our models. Some examples include material inventory/stockpile management, cut and fill calcuations for earth work, determing volume of waste for hauling, etc.

3​ Dimensional Modeling

3D models provide the ultimate flexibility in terms of viewing a site. Viewers can manipulate and view the site from infinite perspectives. This technology is extremely revolutionary and Triangle UAS is excited to be able to offer this often cost prohibitive service to our clients at an extremely affordabe pricepoint.  This solution provides such versatile viewing that it can eliminate site visits, in person inspections, and client walkthroughs. 3D graphics can also be developed for advertising and printed material. Advanced options include the ability to take measurements in 3D and use time laspe to see progress over time in 3D.  A revolutionary feature is the ability to construct 3D PDFs--these models can be viewed within any PDF prgoram and provide an easy way to share data.


Thermal Analysis

U​sing state of the art FLIR sensors accurate thermal data is finally available at an affordable pricepoint. With a wide range of uses, some of the most popular projects include solar panel inspections, electrical substation inspection, pipe leak detection, and heat loss analysis.  We are able to capture both relative temperature values as well as radiometric values for accurate absolute temperature measurement.


        H​ot spots showing damaged solar cells                                            Damaged substation switch