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​Triangle UAS LLC

Triangle UAS can help you manange your agricultural needs with a variety of advanced analysis techniques. Aside from providing turn key solutions, we would be happy to provide a customized consultation and demonstration to show you how our techonology can benefit you. The portfolio below showcases just some of the services we can offer. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to setup a consultation/demonstration.

Multispectral Reflectance Analysis

Using sophiscated sensor platforms and developed algorithms, a multispectral analysis can generate reflectance maps that are able to help diagnose problems in plant health. Plant vigor can be directly measured and factors such as nutrient deficiency, irrigation issues, soil problems, and more can be diagnosed.  A precise treatment prescription can be developed (resulting in financial savings from over treatment) and periodic surveys can measure trends to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plans for problem areas. We know that no one knows your crops better than you and we are able to work with your existing setup to help deliver results without affecting your current current operations. 


Aerial Maps

H​igh quality aerial maps can provide an extremely accurate overview of your property. Geospatial enabled images enable precise (up to one inch accuracy) marking of boundaries, crops, and other features. In addition, the unique ability to take measurements from an aerial perspective has proven extremely useful in estimating crop damage for insurance purposes.


Damage Assessments

The unique ability to take measurements from an aerial perspective has proven extremely useful in documenting crop damage.  Useful for insurance purposes and to estimate financial impact, damage assessment surveys can quickly and painlessly help you recover from unexpected incidents.